Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods

Looking after a cane rod is a simple affair of common sense and an awareness of what is going on around you. The best way to look after your cane rod is to fish with it, and fish with it a lot. It does them no good to be left in a cupboard. Here a few simple suggestion in the care of cane.

1: The time that requires the most attention is when playing and landing heavy fish. When the fish is mid current let the rod tip come down to about 45 degrees and play the fish with the middle and butt of the rod, cane is such a forgiving material there is little danger to the tippet.
It is as the fish comes to the net that greatest care is needed.
Having the fish at your feet and the rod pointed straight upwards puts tremendous strain on the tip and it is then that damage can be done.
A long handled landing net is ideal, putting the rod hand behind you and reaching forward with the net also helps to reduce the angle of the rod tip.
The critical thing is to never point the butt of the rod at the fish.
2: When putting rod section together and taking them apart there is a simple saying “Putting together, hands together (5” or 6”). Taking apart, hands apart (about 2 feet). Always slide the ferrule together and apart never twist. Ferrules should go in at least ¾ of their length if they do become tight get in contact with the maker and he’ll offer advice.
3 Don't put rods away when wet. If it's chucking it down when you finish fishing put the rod away and make sure you dry it all out when you get home.
4 Avoid bending the tip at severe angles, be it pulling line off the reel or landing fish.
5 Use common sense. It’s a valuable piece of equipment, look after it and it will keep it's value and last many years.
If you ever have any questions or problems with a rod get in touch with the maker and have a chat.
The rod maker will know the rod intimately, He will have spent at least a month of his life with it probably longer and he will be keen to see it looked after and used.
There is plenty of advice on the forums so if you are looking at trying cane for the first time either have a look on them or get in contact with a rod maker they will have plenty of suggestions.
Alternatively have a day with a guide who is experienced with cane.