Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods

Here are a few videos of the types of fishing that influences the cane rods that I make.
I will try to put up one a month HERE

Early season in Mid-Wales.
Low water, bright sun and a strong east wind…
It was good to be out on the water but the conditions meant that a decision had to be made…

An autumn trip to Mid Wales in search of Grayling
The rivers had dropped back after heavy rain so we were hopeful of fish.
As the early fog slowly burnt off and we started to see a few fish.

A few thoughts and suggestions on fishing one of the many excellent "Passport" water now available.

Westcountry Spring.
After a rather long winter it was good to get out on the water again.
Many Thanks to the Arundell Arms
And Westcountry Angling Passport

Memories of Saxnas

A short video of a trip to Saxnas in Northern Sweden in the summer of '17.
For more information on fishing in the amazing countryside in
Vasterbotten County take a look at
For information on my rods and leaders

Westcountry Mayfly

The Westcountry is not famous for its mayfly hatches,
however like most rivers when the flies start to come off the trout will often move to them.
The rod that I am using is one of my 8ft 4wt carbon rods,
which makes a lovely all-rounder for fishing on the Westcountry streams and small rivers.
I'll have details up on the website soon.

I’m using it with a 4ft mono furled leader 4ft Mono furled_leader


A late autumn fly fishing trip to a tributary of the Wye.
The early frost and mist slowly burnt off and a brief hatch of fly brought the fish up.
The rod used was a 10ft 4wt
And for more information about what I do please take a look at
And for more information about fishing the beautiful river of Wales take a look at


A video from my recent trip to Sweden, this time fly fishing on a plateau high up in Vilhelmina.
Even though it was early August the cold Northerly wind kept the temperature down and with it the insects.
For more information about fishing in this amazing area take a look at

And if you want some local knowledge on the area get in touch with

A late summer fly fishing trip up to the mountains of Västerbotten County in Sweden.
A cold North wind slowed the hatches, but the clear waters and stunning surroundings made for a great trip .
For more information about fishing this amazing area take a look at
The rods used were an 8ft 5wt Superfast Canerod_8ft-5wt
And a 10ft 4wt carbon

A short video showing how to set up a 3ft Mono Furled Leader and Fishing it on a small stream.
The basic set up is 3ft Mono Furled Leader.
30 to 36 in (75-90cm) 5 pound mono
24 in (60cm) of 3 pound mono
The leaders are available here

An early spring fly fishing trip to a Mid Wales tributary, using a 10ft 4wt carbon to fish spiders and soft hackles for wild brown trout.
The 10ft'er is an ideal spider and dry fly rod, there will be more videos of it in action as the season progresses.
If you have any questions about it please do ask.
Regards LB

For information on the Guided fishing trips



An early season trip to Mid Wales to test out a new 7ft 4wt fiberglass fly rod.
The weather was what you would expect for an early April fishing trip,
although there was a very brief hatch around mid-day which got the fish looking up.
And I am very happy with the fiberglass blank

A late season trip up to the Welsh Marches, this area has some stunning counrtyside as well as some lovely rivers and small streams If you like to know more about fishing in the area take a look HERE

A couple of recent videos, both from trips up to Mid Wales.
Things have been very busy in the workshop of late, however I did mange to sneak away to Wales for a few days.
Despite it being Mid May it had a very early season feel to it.
The rod used on both days was a 7ft 4wt Superfast which is a great rod for al round small stream fishing.
More details are available Here
An early season trip out to a local tributary of the river Tamar.
I was a fishing a 7ft Superfast cane rod with a 4wt floating line and a 3ft Mono furled leader.
For me it is the ideal small stream set up, very versatile and a pleasure to use

Recently I have started selling Furled Leaders in support of the Wild Trout Trust.
You can find out more about the trusts excellent work here:
This is the first in an occasional series of videos.
The leaders are available here


A few days fly fishing in the late season, the weather was rather mixed, but the scenery of Mid Wales was as stunning as ever, rods used were a 7ft Superfast Hollow built cane rod and an 8ft 5wt 3 piece Superfast.
Both coped with the adverse weather admirably. .



A days fly fishing in Devon on the river Torridge. This lovely stretch of water is available through The Westcountry Angling Passport scheme. Oliver Kites writes a fascinating chapter called "Torridge Interlude" in his book Nymph Fishing in Practice. This excellent book gives some very relevant information on nymph fishing and small stream river fishing. Also many of the waters that he writes about are still day ticket waters that can be fished for sensible money.



One of the great things about making cane rods is getting to fish with the rods new owner.
When that new owner is a friend and a very good fisherman so much the better.


A Leonard 6' 10" 4-5wt hollow built nodeless rod. This one is going to the Alternative Tackle Co

Originally tied by Kenneth Boström in Sweden 1967.
His article and tying instructions are here;
A very good all round fly originally tied to represent caddis,
and I've had excellent fishing using it to represent small mayflies, emergers and even terrestrials.
Good colours are black, olive and grey; cream and yellow are also well worth tying.
Generally I tie them on 14's but 18's can be very effective, especially in grey.
In the video I was using TMC aero dry wing; you can just as easily use any of the poly yarns, and they're a lot cheaper.
It is a brilliant fly, easy to tie and very effective.