Luke Bannister
Split cane fishing rods

I hope you find something of interest and some useful information on this site.
Why splitcane?
The answer is a simple one.
For stream and river flyfishing there is no better material.

No other material casts like cane. It will tuck short neat roll casts into the quiet places where trout lie.
In the right hands it will cast a long line accurately and delicately.

No other material feels like cane.
Hook a fish on a well balanced cane rod and the whole set up comes alive like no other material. A well designed taper transmits the energy of the casters arm down the fly line and out through the tippet;
when a fish is hooked the movements and power of the fighting fish is communicated back down the line into the anglers hand; hook a 10" wild trout on a good 7ft 4wt and you will see why so many people are talking about cane rods.

No other material looks like cane.
Bamboo, cork and nickel silver combine to make a stunning object; a well finished cane rod is often referred to as a work of art, it is not. Ultimately it is "just" a fishing rod, a highly effective and beautiful tool that will give many years of satisfaction and pleasure.
Basically,this is why I make and fish cane rods.